bolts-inside-plastic-packagingDLP Coatings provides custom packaging and kitting services for painted fasteners and unique parts.  With our state-of-the-art machinery, we can automate your packaging project, which results in a quicker turnaround time to ensure you meet tight customer deadlines.  In addition, we offer hand counting for large piece count projects, which helps to minimize your labor costs.

Whether your packaging job is automated or manual, we conduct quality checks throughout the process to guarantee every project meets our high standards.  We inspect every project 100 percent before it leaves our facility.  This may entail a weight inspection, visual count, or a combination of both.  Furthermore, we institute Kanban Programs, which is a lean manufacturing method that manages and improves work across human systems.  With this approach, we effectively handle projects by balancing customer demands with available capacity and efficiently controlling any workflow bottlenecks.

Types of Packaging

DLP Coatings offers a variety of packaging and related services including:

Poly Bags

Either using our manual or automated process, we can package your painted fastener heads in poly bags. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate orders ranging from just two components to a pound of fasteners or other unique parts per bag.  Our team will ensure that each bag contains the number of parts requested using either a weight or piece count.  Once the fasteners are bagged and accurately counted, DLP Coatings will label each poly bag with either an imprinted or a manual label.


DLP Coatings also packages fasteners bulk or in standard size plastic or cardboard cartons.  Similar to poly bagging, we ensure an accurate number of parts are packed into each carton by measuring its weight or counting the individual pieces.


DLP Coatings offers a wide variety of cost-effective clamshell packaging options.  And, with our shrink tunnel, we ensure your packaging is tamper proof too. We package each clamshell based on a particular weight or piece count.

Custom Boxes

Need a customized box for your next project?  In addition to offering standard size packaging, DLP Coatings supplies special order boxes to fit your exact requirements.

DLP Coatings strives to serve customers with a wide variety of packaging options. We look forward to discussing your next packaging project with you.