opened-color-chartLooking for a particular color for your fasteners?  For over 35 years DLP Coatings has precisely matched the color and gloss for our customers.

With our detailed two-tier in-house process, DLP coatings can ensure a quality color match that will pass your critical requirements.  All color matches start with a scan of the color standard with our spectrophotometer, which will define the color space.  Our proprietary software uses that data to formulate a color match using specific colorants and resins.  The difference between the displayed color and the color standard is described as the “Delta-E” (dE).  A dE of 1.0 or less is the smallest color difference the human eye can see.  First-tier approval will have a dE of <1.0, and a gloss measurement of +/- 5 degrees of the standard.  The second-tier approval is visual.  Ultimately, the fastener will be viewed by the customer/end user with real world illumination, making a visual evaluation an integral part of the approval process.

DLP Coatings houses physical color standards and formulas on site, ensuring immediate access for customers’ repeat orders.