DLP Coatings offers assembly service for fasteners as well as for unique parts.  Our team can fulfill your assembly order either by hand or with our specialized machinery.


Customers turn to DLP Coatings for their numerous identification projects.  We identify parts specific colors to match your product, or we just code a bolt or screw with a particular color dot.  Either method is done cost effectively and efficiently.

Military Paint

DLP Coatings prides itself on supplying paint services for the military.  We have repeatedly met their strict paint specifications with our paint system.

Unique Parts

DLP Coatings’ reach extends beyond the painted fastener market.  Our team works with stampings, metal fabricated or plastic parts, and many other unique components.


Our team may be best known for painting fasteners, but we also supply waxing services.  After the fasteners are painted, we add lubrication wax, making it easier for installation purposes.